The proof is in the pudding..

In a 2013 test conducted by a group of dermatologists in Australia, a direct link between sun exposure and skin aging was proved. The study was impressive on many levels, most notably for its ability to maintain longevity of four and a half years with close to 1000 participants, as well as its clear message that sunscreen is vital for preventing aging in skin.

The results of the study were the first signs of proof that exposure of skin to prolonged sunlight can cause aging, and that the prevention of a consistent sunblock routine can prevent that same aging. Dermatologists have been pushing their patients to slather on sunscreen for eons, but this is the first time a study has been able to actually prove the results with humans.

Some of the participants were asked to apply sunscreen on a daily basis with an SPF of 15. Prior to the study each participant had a silicone model of their skin made, that was eventually compared to a cast taken at the end of the study, to compare the strength of their skin. After more than four years of using sunscreen every single day, these skin molds showed no signs of further skin aging, while the participants who had not used sunscreen had definite signs of further aging in their skin.

There are still many questions left to be answered such as the variables of age and skin color, but for now this is a very exciting showcase that will hopefully emphasize just how important the use of daily sunscreen is, and how important it is to protect your skin from the harsh, aging rays of the sun.

For more information on this study you can read this article in the New York Times, as well as a report in the Annals of Internal Medicine.