Greece: Greek Yogurt

With double the amount of protein that regular yogurt contains, Greek yogurt is amazing for the skin both by consuming and using topically. Use it as a face mask to smooth irritated skin, or enjoy for breakfast knowing that its high lactic acid will get to quick work on those fine lines and wrinkles. Opa!


Provence, France: Lavender

Beautifully scented with a gorgeous pop of color, Lavender is a multipurpose beauty tool. The scent is wonderful for relieving stress and tension, two major causes of skin aging. It also has wonderful circulatory properties, providing oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells by increasing blood flow. Take a slow, deep breath and inhale your worries and wrinkles away. Ahhhhh.


Italy: Olive oil

High in antioxidants, olive oil is more than just a delicious accoutrement to a bread basket. A strong moisturizer, olive oil is also wonderful for skin repair, assisting in soothing and healing irritated skin. So next time you feel like reaching for that carb-loaded basket of bread, grab the bottle of olive oil instead and give your skin a nice, moisturizing treat. After all, La Dolce Vita feels a lot sweeter when your skin is radiating a healthy glow.


India: Saffron

Combining saffron to a glass of milk can be a huge brightening agent, either by drinking or by applying as a mask. A side benefit? All the potassium in Saffron will help with cell repair. We’re relaxed just thinking about it. Om.


Hawaii, USA: Coconut oil

There are almost too many beauty uses to name for this delicious scented oil. With such intense moisturizing properties, coconut oil is great to use after a shower, or just as a facial mask. It can also be a luxurious addition to a hot bath, or even used as a hair mask. Add this product to your beauty arsenal and say Aloha! to smooth and divinely scented skin.